We are the Gorley Family. Brett and Tracy are the parents of 5 children.

Brett’s hobbies are videography, computer games, paintball, and the occasional tabletop RPG. He maintains a blog here dealing with issues that are non family related.

Tracy’s time is spent caring for her kids and spending time with family and friends.

Our greatest loves are God, family, and friends (in that order.)

Our Kids


  1. Thanks for posting to my homeschooling blog. It is so good to talk to the mom of a fellow cancer survivor! And an Emanuel family to boot! Kennedy is 6 months post treatment this week. She was diagnosed with ALL as well (PreB). She was high risk due to her white count at diagnosis (213,000) with her bone marrow being 98% leukemia. Not a good time for us at all! She was also 4 years old. Then she was a slow responder because she still had a minimal amount of leukemia cells at the end of induction. Wouldn’t you know? We also went to Disneyland for Kennedy’s Make-A-Wish. 🙂 It’s a small, small world, huh? Your children are all so beautiful and congrats on baby number 5 🙂 How very exciting.

    We are currently homeschooling both kiddos (although somedays I think I must be crazy). E-mail me some time. It would be nice to chat.

    Thank you for sharing in your post about 2/15/01. It always helps to hear someone else’s story. Makes me not feel like the only one…

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