Posted by: berencamlost | 2009 September 24

College Shortcomings

I was working on some items yesterday for Unemployment Training reimbursement, figuring out finances and the like, and came to the realization that I’m extremely short on funds to finish all the college courses I want to take.  Short to the tune of over $6000.

Now, my first reaction was, of course, to panic.  How the heck am I going to pay for this?!?!?!  But, after some reflection, I realized that God has brought me here for a reason, and He is more than sufficient to provide.  So, I spent a few minutes in prayer, laid this need down before His feet, and did our grocery shopping.

Working through my options, I realize that the Unemployment Training is one option.  I have no idea if I can even get any money from them, but I will pursue it nonetheless.  I can check into scholarships as well, to see if there’s one for a poor, short, fat, nerdy white guy with lots of kids.  I can also lay this before my brothers and sisters in Christ.

So, if you are a believer, please pray that God will provide for our family, both for school and for all the miscellaneous expenses that will come up.  I know that $6000 is nothing in the sight of God.  I know He can cause that money to fall out of the sky if He so desired.  But, I also know He wants me to trust Him and wants me to wait on Him and trust Him, which of course means He will drag the provision out to test me.  I do not want to take any loans out, as I’ve been working on getting out of debt for years (having paid off my old student loans several years ago.)  So, please pray for us.

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