Posted by: berencamlost | 2009 April 9

What Happens When You Cross A Tired Boy With A High Chair?

Greggory Broken Collar Bone

Greggory Broken Collar Bone

Answer:  You get a broken collar bone!

Last Thursday evening we let the kids stay up a little past their bedtime, as Tracy was finishing up a dessert and wanted to treat the kids with some.  Sometime after 8:00PM we began dishing it up, and told Greggory he needed to get in his high chair if he wanted some.  Now, normally Greggory has no trouble accomplishing this simple feat, yet it was late and he was tired, and his motor skills were severely hampered due to this.  Nevertheless, he wanted the apple crisp and ice cream, so he attempted to climb into his high chair as I dished him up some dessert.

A few seconds later we heard a loud crash and saw Greggory lying on the floor, crying as he laid there.

I immediately set the dessert down and went over to him.  He appeared conscious and wasn’t bleeding, so I picked him up.  He kept crying.  Tracy and I cuddled with him for almost an hour, and his crying did not stop.  Finally, I decided I would need to take him into the emergency room to get him looked at.

If you have never had an emergency room experience, let me just say this:  Don’t plan on doing anything else for the next 6 hours, minimum.

We checked in, Greggory was exhausted from crying and started falling asleep, but would wake up crying every now and then.  We figured out before the trip there that picking him up hurt him, and that messing with his right arm hurt him.

The emergency room folks were obviously busy, because it took at least an hour before I even saw our nurse.  But, Greggory fell asleep, and the lady across the hall screaming about wanting to be let out keep me well entertained (I believe they had to restrain her, as she started assaulting the nurses).

Eventually, they got Greggory in for a CAT scan, as they were worried about the possibility of concussion.  I was really glad he slept through it, because had he been awake I’m not sure how he would have handled it.

At around 2:45am they sent us home, I got to bed after 3AM, and resolved to get to work the next day.  The next day came and while I worked, Greggory laid around all day, refusing to play.  He didn’t want to move, didn’t want to play, he just sat on the couch watching movies all day.  We were obviously concerned.

Our chiropractor thought he might have some bruising up near his ribs near his shoulder, given that he didn’t want to move his arm.  Physically he didn’t react to being touched, just moving his arm bothered him.  We followed up with her again and she was still concerned, and suggested we get x-rays.  Today, Thursday, we took Greggory in with us to Josiah’s one year checkup to have our doctor look at him.  She felt around, moved his arm, and didn’t think anything was broken, but ordered x-rays to make sure.  And, amazingly, Greggory sat perfectly still while they did the x-rays!

Well, we got a CD with the x-rays on them, opened them up, and to our untrained eyes it looked like little Greggory’s collar bone was broken.  And, when the doctor’s office called back, they confirmed that it was indeed!

Apparently, with a broken collar bone on a young child, there isn’t much they can do for it.  They are giving us a sling for his arm, assuming he will use it.  Other than that, they said it already started healing and was coming along nicely.  Just keep him pumped up on ibuprofen for the pain and wait it out.

So, what do you get when you cross a tired two year old with a high chair?  A recipe for pain!  I don’t recommend it!

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