Posted by: Tracy | 2009 February 20

Materialism in Christians


My favorite new quote is made by Dr John Wecks: “You never see a Uhaul following a hearse.” That is so true yet Christians hold onto their possessions like they are going to stay with them forever. Our treasures are up in heaven but our flesh wants the toys down on earth. This past month has just been a eye opener for me cause I really never thought about things as not my own. Every thing Brett and I own do not belong to us it all belongs to God including our children and ourselves.

A few sermons ago they were talking about what can be defined as poor or rich. If you own more then 1 outfit, have a bowl of rice every day and you are dry then you are rich and what ever else that is extra God has blessed you. But if you don’t have that then you are truly poor. I have been asked why I always say “God will provide” because I know God will provide for us, it says in the Bible in so many passages. My family is rich cause we have more than 1 outfit, mountain of food and a good sized shelter and God has blessed us with so much stuff that we could live with out. Do we really need 3 computers and a laptop? No but God has blessed us with them. Does our kids need so much toys? Nope, they could be content playing with boxes and sticks out side then with the toys that God has blessed them with. Do we need all the furniture in our apartment? No way but God has blessed us with it. I could keep on going about all the stuff God has blessed my family with and we don’t own any of it. God could take it away in a heart beat.

So what would happen if you lost everything you possessed? Let’s give an example: Somebody stole the car. You walk outside your home and realized it was gone. Instead of saying “where is my car?” you would say “Lord, where did your car go?”   Which way would you respond in that situation? Do you own the car or does God? God owns it because He gave you the funds to buy the car. He could bring it back to you or He may not.

I have been really changed on how I think of things especially since I don’t own anything in my possession or do I own myself. I plan on getting some of the sermons (the record them) so I can chew on this some more and give more thought to it. But I pray I can look onto my blessings in a whole new light. If I lost my possessions would I be depressed about it most likely but I hope I can come out in realizing that I got blessed as long as I had it for.

I encourage people to go through their home and pray over everything and thank the Lord of His possessions He has blessed you with Also understand He could take it all in a heart beat. Once you start thinking like that you loose that emotional attachment you have for all His possessions.

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