Posted by: Tracy | 2009 January 30

Brett leaving Tracy at the Hospital

The surgery went well.  I didn’t do very well Wednesday morning, I was dizzy and light headed.  Every time I moved my head the whole room would spin.  Brett spent half Wed. with me which was nice.  I had a few visitors from church come by and my parents as well.  By Wed. night I was feeling much better.  On Thursday doctor said I can be released from the hospital since I was doing so much better.

I signed the discharge papers and the nurses called transport. So in the mean time of waiting for the transport Brett was suppose to go get the van and pull to the main entrance to the hospital. Transport came and got me wheeled me to the entrance and he wasn’t there yet. The transporting guy and I was just chatting away. I told I think I just saw our van go by and we thought he was stuck at the light to turn left into the hospital. After 5 minutes after that Brett still never showed up so the guy went to go check outside to see if he was parked where we couldn’t see him. Still no Brett, the guy asked if there was a way to get a hold of him. I told him we have a cell phone I can call him on. So I called Brett and asked where he was. Brett said he drove right past the hospital and headed for home. He drove about 20 blocks before he realized he forgot me there. So he had to turn around and come back for me.


  1. Geez Brett! Don’t worry, Tracy, it was probably not *ahem* an accident *ahem*.

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