Posted by: Tracy | 2008 December 23

Pizza making a tradition for the Christmas Meal

Last year Tracy’s side of the family decided to start a tradition to make pizza’s.  The kids will make their own and the adults make 4 large pizza’s.  This year Brett and Jeremy made the adult pizza’s and did a wonderful job.  We kind of forgot to take pictures of the final result of them too.  I got pictures of the kids making theirs though.  Here are some fun pictures of the fun pizza makings.

(If you want to see them bigger just click on the picture)

jeremy brett-putting-adult-pizza adult-pizza ang-rolling-her-dough greggory-and-daddy1 kyla-with-her-dough kate-and-tanisha ang-put-sauce-on tanisha-and-kate greggory-putting-cheese-on-his-pizza ang-making-her-pizza kate-nish-and-grant kate-and-her-pizzaang-and-her-pizza kids-pizzas ang-pizza greggorys-pizza ang-eating-her-pizzaisaac-eating-pizza_kate-eating-her-pizza_

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