Posted by: Tracy | 2008 December 16

Meal Planning

Since October I have been trying to plan out a month worth of meal, so far I have been keeping it up.  We  have been eating home cooked meals every night and saving money at the same time.  We hardly eat meals out of boxes any more and the only times we do is for lunches on the weekend.  Lots of times we have leftovers and Brett is able to take those to work for his lunches since his work doesn’t provide them anymore.    I realize  cooking dinner isn’t so much of a big deal now since I know what I am cooking prior to dinner time or living day to day of we will eat. Brett is greatful too because he is not figuring dinner out after work either, he comes home and dinner is ready or almost ready.  There are times where he has to help but at least the meal planned and we have all the ingredients.

I usually start planning the last week of the month and prepare a grocery list at the same time so I don’t have to back track.  Each month I find it to become faster and faster to plan since I can look at the few months prior and take some meals from them.  There are times I forget we have to much going on so I am able to switch around the meals for another day or somebody invites somewhere and then that day gets x’d off or do another day.  I also mark the new recipes if we like it or not.  Out of the last three months of doing this there has been only 1 meal we haven’t liked.

We get paid once a month, the day we get paid is the day to go grocery shopping.  Brett goes to Winco and does the monthly shopping there, we have found Costco has some of the things we get is less than at Winco.  Then we do the Costco run and treat ourselves at times there since a hot dog/polish dog and pop is $1.50 a peice and the kids get pizza, great meal for a large family.

I need to do the month of Jan. soon maybe this week since next week will be a busy one.

P.S .  Our door is open to our friends and family.  Just give us an e-mail or call us and let us know you will be on your way and to make sure we are home of course.

December  2008 Meal Plan

December 2008 Meal Plan

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