Posted by: Tracy | 2008 December 10

Phone Mishaps


I took Tanisha to youth group and needed to stop at my parent’s house for something. Got it and started to drive home. I decided I will chat with Brett while driving home, well the phone kept ringing. I let it ring the whole way home which is about 5 minutes and he still never switched over. Boy, was I getting mad because he was on the other line and not switching over for me. That is my pet peeve when people have call waiting and they don’t switch over unless it’s truly is important conversation.


So I got out of the van prepared to go inside and tell him that he was lucky it wasn’t an emergency for calling him. I entered the house and he was finishing up feeding Josiah.
I stated “you aren’t on the phone, I have been letting my cell phone ring for the last 5 minutes and you haven’t picked up”.

Well the phone was on the microwave and we picked that phone up and it sure wasn’t ringing.
Brett asked me “did you hook up the phone line up after you unplugged the DSL machine.” We got cable internet today I unplugged everything and not thinking to plug the phone line back into its rightful spot.

I replied “of course not!”  So since 1:00 pm today we haven’t had a land line and hopefully nobody has called us. At least the people that truly care about us know our cell phone number.

Brett just fixed it and it’s 7:50 PM. I learned something today I am not technology smart as I thought I was.

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