Posted by: berencamlost | 2008 December 1

The Little Cabin out in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods
Cabin in the Woods

This weekend we were invited by a co-worker to head on out to his in-laws cabin in Carson, WA.  He promised food and beer and a great time for the kids.

After the brief discussion with my wife, we agreed to take him up on the offer, and had what turned out to be a terrific weekend.

We got there and were amazed at the place, it was incredibly beautiful!  We got our stuff in and the kids began playing with my co-worker’s son Aiden.  We had pizza for dinner, I shared the last two english bitters I brewed with him, and we chatted away the evening.  Aaron and Amanda, students and also co-workers, showed up after us and joined us for the evening.

The next morning we woke up to pancakes and sausage and eggs (yuummmy!)  The kids headed outside to play, and they roamed the land and had a great time.

Kids Playing

Kids Playing

Later, Robert wipped out the quad’s and his wife and I took turns giving the kids rides.  Greggory even got a ride and loved it (which explains why he cried and screamed when we took him off.)

Sarah and Tanisha

Sarah and Tanisha

Brett taking Angelique on a ride

Katelyn and Sarah on a quadbrett-and-greggory-on-quad

Brett started getting a bit of a headache after this, but it didn’t stop the overall enjoyment of the evening.  Greggory eventually got a nap, the kids played hard the whole time, Tracy relaxed and took care of Josiah most of the day.  We had a pretty restful and relaxing day.

The Lee family showed up shortly after this, as did Kristen.  Tracy decided to brave the quad, so I took her out on it through the trails, and gave her a few good scares.  The quad I had that time didn’t handle as well as the first one I drove.

Dinner was a smoked, glazed ham with a green salad, bread, and a potato/sweet potato/yam/onion dish.  Dinner was amazing!  My compliments to the chef (Robert!)  Greggory started pitching a fit around this time, so I took him and layed him down so the rest of us could enjoy dinner.  Needless to say, he didn’t sleep.  After dinner I got him and Josiah up and Greggory started calming down (after a time out!)

Dessert was pumpkin pie,  About this time I began packing our things up, as it was getting late and kids had school the next day.  Poor Aiden wanted us to stay, and even asked Tracy if we could stay another night.  We got our van turned around (not an easy task), and went back in for a group photo.

The Gorley-Leary-Lee-May-Kendel Group Photo

The Gorley-Leary-Lee-May-Kendel Group Photo

Many thanks to Robert and Sarah for the invite and the great weekend!


  1. Hey Gorley family!

    Thanks for posting the pictures! It was great getting to know your family better this weekend. You guys sure are a fun bunch =)

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