Posted by: Tracy | 2008 November 18

A quick family update

We have been very busy.  Here is a quick update on the family for people.

Brett is working hard at work and at home.  He has also been a great help to me since I have been under the weather lately so he has missed quiet a bit of work because of it.  He is staying healthy at least.

I got a sinus infection which took me down for a few weeks and is recovering quiet nicely from that.  I have been transporting the girls to school and back since they got kicked off the bus.  So glad the gas prices are going down for now.  I have been reading the Anne of Green Gables Series again.   I don’t know if there is anything else I am forgeting but I forget pretty easily lately.

Tanisha is doing pretty good in school right now.  She has a 3.0 GPA which is really good for her.  I am proud of her for it.  She is in art club at school twice a week after school.  She enjoys to draw.  She has a really good friend that comes over to our house a lot lately I am glad because doesn’t have anybody her age at our apartments.  She is involved at the junior high at church.  She says she has a boyfriend, he is a good kid at least what I have seen.  Nothing to serious of course, she always gets embarrassed when I ask about him.  She is growing up so fast.

Katelyn is doing good in school as well.  Since we put her back into school she has done a lot better.  I enjoy watching her spell her words and making notes around the house.  We can actually understand and read what she is trying to say.   She is having troubles making friends though.  We haven’t gotten any referrals or zingers home from school at least.  She had troubles on the bus and is kicked off for a week but I have decided it would be best it would be a permanent thing.  She is pretty active child and never stops.  She has such a great imagination I love listening to her play.

Angelique is doing very well school.  Her teacher says she is a good reader and is doing very well.  She is trying to make words in her writing as well.  It is so fun to watch her developing.   She is so funny at times.  You ask her what she had for lunch (she gets the school lunches) and she replies “Yogurt”.  She gets three choices so for example: choice #1 pizza; choice #2 peanut butter and jelly; and choice #3 yogurt.  She loves pizza and PB&J sandwiches but she chooses yogurt.  We also chuckle about it and then somedays she shocks us and tells us something else which doesn’t happen very often.  She also got kicked off the bus as well.  One of the bus drivers told me “those two girls have a love hate relationship” and I totally agree.  Angelique and Katelyn fight like cats and dogs but yet they can get along so well with each other.

Greggory is such a fun little boy.  The other day I was sitting on the couch and looked up from what I was doing and just saw a little boy standing there and not a baby anymore.  It makes me want to cry because he is not going to be so little anymore.  I won’t be able to swoop him up into my arms and cuddle him anymore.  He is a little clumsy and has a tendency to get a few bruises mostly on his noggin too.  He loves his daddy, daddy can’t go anywhere in the house with out him.  Greggory is always at his feet.  He loves trucks and cars.  He is starting talk more and it’s fun listening to him trying to pronounce a word that he is unable to say very well.  It’s so cute.  He also loves to play ball and has a good throwing arm.  We plan to get him into T-ball when he is old enough.

Josiah is 7 1/2 months now.  He is growing like a weed.  I can’t believe my last baby is growing so fast.  He is about 16 pounds or more.  He is sitting up like a big boy and loves it.  He is trying to crawl, he can get himself up on his hands and knees and rock.  He can scoot himself around in circles, backwards and forwards as well.   He loves to be on the floor when big brother isn’t around because big brother likes to wrestle with him.  He is eating solid food now so far we haven’t found anything he hasn’t liked yet.  His smiles is so warming and touching, he makes me smile when he does especially when I am in a grouchy mood.  He is a little light that shines.  His eyes just sparkle when he smiles.  He is a very mellow baby so far.  I don’t want him to grow up yet but I can’t wait to watch him and Greggory play together.  He already enjoys Greggory even though Greggory already is a little too rough with him at times.  He gets excited when he sees Greggory.  Greggory and Josiah share a room and if both are awake they talk to each other.  It’s so fun to listen to them through the baby monitor.  I think we have past putting clothes all over Josiah in the crib finally.  I was putting the clothes back in the dresser a few times a day after Greggory pulled them out and strung them on Josiah.  They are going to be best buddies.

I guess it wasn’t so quick but hey we have a family of 7 that doesn’t stop going except for when we are asleep.


  1. Hey guys, we’re really looking forward to hanging out this weekend.

    Also Brett, make sure to check your work email for info on the cabin this weekend. I don’t seem to have a home/cell number for you…but wanted to let you know that we’re planning on having a bunch of pizza available tonight…

    Call my cell phone when you can, this is the only way to get ahold of you!

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