Posted by: Tracy | 2008 October 2


The last few Sundays at church God has speaking to me in the sermons.  Dr. John Wecks has been preaching at our church while the church searches for a new pastor, God has been speaking through him to me.

The Sunday of Sept. 21st he preached about prayer, that we should never to stop praying.  That is the first Sunday my kids actually sat still and I got to pay attention to the sermon and learn what God had in store for me.  I don’t talk to God on a regular basis and only really pray when I need him and at meal time of course.  I realized after the sermon that I need to be talking to God all day long and never to cease.  Then at Bible Study the ladies and I were talking about this and wandered why we say “Amen” if we are to never stop talking to God.  We came down to it saying “Amen” feels like we are on a phone call and ready to hang up with the person to say “Goodbye”.  We disconnect with God when we say “Amen” and keep going on with our day. The word “Amen” basically means the you are backing up what is true.  Maybe this something I need to research more at another time.  Have you ever fallen asleep while praying and you wake up feeling refreshed?  I have and it feels great like you are still with God in the conversation you left with the previous night, I have woken up instantly talking to God.  Now when I said “Amen” at night I don’t wake up the same way it’s like that prayer never has happened.  Who knows maybe my heart wasn’t right at the time.

So, last week I worked on talking to God more through out the day and be in prayer.  My days went smoothly and I had this peace even when craziness happened, I turned to God for help instead of doing it on my  own.  This week on the other hand I need to get back to it, I am talking to him but not totally relying on Him.  I am praying that I will be in prayer all day long and never to cease.

This past Sundays sermon was even better, it was about “Promise of Powerful Prayer”.  I took notes for this one and even had to take my husband’s paper from him so I could use it.  I don’t even know where to start because I have so much written down.  The biggest thing I got out of it was something I knew but needed a reminder from God.  God can answer any prayers it doesn’t matter how BIG the prayer request is, He can answer it.  Also what is my motive for my prayers?  Who should get the glory?  Simple right?  God is to get the glory of every answer prayer but in my  human flesh I want to take the glory at times.   I know that is wrong and that is sinning against God.  There is the obvious stuff that I have given Him the glory like: healing Tanisha; I wonder though how I would have felt if He wouldn’t have healed her, I don’t know if I would’ve given Him the glory for it.  I give glory to him for my children because if it wasn’t for Him I wouldn’t have had them.  Now the things that would be easy to take glory for ourselves: the job I did on the house, maybe a creative thing I figured out how to make, and the game I won.  Those things should be given the glory to God because I pray for those things and I forget even the little things God gets the glory.  The other thing you got to be ready to hear His answer even if it’s not what you want “THY WILL BE DONE”.  That is the biggest one I need to work on big time because I don’t like it when it doesn’t go the way I want it to go.  I get depressed and question God about it.   So maybe those prayers are self-motivated and not pure because I am not ready to take the answer God wants me to hear.  That is going to be my prayer for myself that I will give the glory to God in all circumstances even the ones He may never answer.

I wonder what God has in store for me this coming up Sunday.  I know He can talk to me at anytime but the last few Sunday’s He sure has spoke to me through Dr. John Wecks.

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