Posted by: berencamlost | 2008 September 23

Moved in and Unpacked

Brett and Tracy Gorley

Brett and Tracy Gorley

Well, we got moved in to our apartment, and for the most part we have everything put away and are back on track to leading normal lives.  One of the great blessings of having moved like this is that we have gotten rid of a lot of stuff that we owned, including our TV.

Several people have asked us what we do without TV.  Well, so far the kid’s haven’t missed it, they just play more.  My wife get’s more done around the house, as she isn’t concerned about missing her favorite shows now.  We have more room in our living room now that there isn’t this obnoxious entertainment center there, so we will be able to entertain more.  And, this might encourage us to read more (assuming we stay off the computer as well.)

Unpacking everything has unearthed some good memories as well as some bad ones.  As I was putting my books on our bookshelf, I was somewhat nostalgic looking through all the good novels I’ve read, and all the great theology books I’ve half-read.   And I also noticed, much to my chagrin, that a few of my books are missing.  Normally, replacing books wouldn’t be an issue, but it has become an issue now.  My favorite book store in the world is no longer in business.  Pilgrm Discount, I miss you!  Where will I replace my missing copy of “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” now?  Where can I get my copy of “Mere Christianity” from?  There are things I want to purchase from you as I wander through the “Old Paths” section of your store!  Oh, woe is me!  Sad days, indeed!  Guess I’ll just get things from eBay from now on.  (I prefer not to shop at the “other” Christian book store in town, “Heresy Supply” as I affectionately call it.)

One very nice part about the move is that we had stored all our canned and non-perishable food and didn’t take it with us, which has paid off, since we are flat broke and don’t have much food in the house.  Having noodles, flour, sugar, and other essentials waiting for us to unpack was a life saver!

So, to all family and friends, you are welcome over anytime!  We may not have much to eat, but what we have we’ll be glad to share.  Hit us up after payday and you might be in for a treat!  Brett’s homemade pizza or some green chili enchilada’s always make for a pleasant dining experience at the Gorley residence.


  1. Glad to hear your in your own place again, hope you guys love it. Traci, your story is very honest and your not alone, it’s hard to live with sinners, when your one too!
    Brett, you still look like Brettie to us!
    God bless


  2. Dude, we have to talk about Windows on campus. How can you not spend time in there and love it?

    So…can we expect your home made pizza when we come over?

  3. …. I honestly keep forgetting about Windows booksellers…..

    What is WRONG with me?!?! Too much time in the dungeon…

  4. And we’re on for pizza. And maybe some brewing too!

  5. Lying turd of a large mouth bass!!!

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