Posted by: Tracy | 2008 September 11

School with Katelyn

Katelyn eating ego waffle before school starts.

Well it has been almost 2 weeks since we have started school with Katelyn, so far she has done a lot better this year as compared to last year of trying to do every subject (math, reading & writing, social studies, and science) every day.  We really never got to do art last year due to starting late and have to get the main courses done by the time we got to art time she was done with school and so was I.  This year we have done 2 art projects and she totally loves it, especially since I am doing one as well.  I haven’t done art projects since my schooling, so I am enjoying with her as well.  My drawing is not very well but she doesn’t care, she tells me I am doing a great job at it.  After we are done with the art we hang both art up on the wall.  We will be changing it every week as we do different art.  At the end of the year we will hold an art show for family and her friends to come see what she has done.

We also have been doing the extra activites for social studies as well, we made a salt dough of landforms and waterforms, we still have to paint it since we are waiting for the dough to dry.  She can’t wait to do that, we even included her sisters in that one.

So far reading and writing she is doing okay on which is one of her harder subjects but we have found a very helpful thing the “the dry erase board” she loves it.  There are some things in the lesson you have to write a word or phrase or sentence and then erase, I got sick of wasting paper last year.  Now she is getting the lessons better because of it, we also are working slower with each lesson since we only have 3 or 4 subjects to do a day instead of 5 to 8 subjects like last year.

I am proud of Katelyn, we still have our moments but they haven’t been as bad.  Also moving can be very distracting for school.  We are trying to get things organized, her school area was the first thing to get done with.  We still have to hang up her calendar and school rules up but other than that it’s done.  I can’t wait for everything to be put away because there will be less stress in the house and less of a distraction for her.  Katelyn is person that gets distracted very easily.  There is a small update how everything is going for us at school.


  1. I am glad I am not the only one who has had doubtful moments. I knew we would be on the same track. I love the activities and pace. I am so glad to hear you feel good about everything too. Melenie is also doing CA! Fun huh?

    By the way, I just tagged you. Come on over to my blog to check it out.

  2. Today I realized I don’t know if I can do this with two little ones on hand. Josiah has been crying for the last hour and Greggory has been getting into everything. In the meantime I am trying to teach Katelyn. I also feel like I am missing out on the special play time with the boys while I am teaching her. So we are going to try and enroll Katelyn into Arthur Academy instead. If we can’t get her into that then we will have to pray what to do.

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