Posted by: berencamlost | 2008 August 13

No Matter How You Slice It….

The house hunt is over.  Now, the apartment hunt has begun.  After going through it a hundred times, there is no way we can buy a house in the forseable future.  So now it’s time to get on our own feet again and start planning for the future.

I’ve been looking at places to stay already, and Tracy and I are pursuing some options right now.  Tracy is recovered enough from her surgery to where she can lift Josiah now and do more, which is nice.  Living with the in-laws is starting to strain relationships, so we are better being out of there and keeping good relations with them.

So, the future plan is this:  Find a place to live, Brett to get a second job to save $$$ for emergency fund and potential future house, Brett to get his Microsoft certifications to earn him some better income, and tighten our already super-tight belts a bit more and pray that God continues to be gracious to us.  We covet your prayers as we pursue God’s leading.

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