Posted by: berencamlost | 2008 July 17

Quick Lasagna. Prep Time – 3 Hours!!!

la la la la la lazagna!

I got up this morning, and in a flash of ambition, decided I would make dinner for tonight, not waiting for the afternoon chaos to accomplish this task.  Dinner for tonight:  quick lasagna.   Nice and easy, and quick!

Of course, the author of the recipe never factored in kids into the recipe.

So, I start by getting the casserole pan out and the noodles and cottage cheese (I also mix a bit of cream cheese with the cottage), and about that time Kate and Ang come out and want breakfast.  Greggory also wakes up.  So, after feeding the kids and having Greggory fight me with his breakfast, I clean up and start working on the lasagna again.

Tracy reminds me of a video transfer I need to do, so I quickly do it.  I also realize that Greggory and Josiah need bathed.  Having already cleaned the sink after breakfast, I bathed both of them.

Ok, back to the lazagna.  I get the cottage cheese and cream cheese mixed, get out the spaghetti sauce and the cheese and grater.  Josiah is done feeding and Tracy wants me to get him.  I burp him, and he is fussing.  After a while I finally get him settled down and starting to fall asleep when I heard a loud crash and a cry.  Greggory decided to push his high chair close to the counter, climb up on it, and make a grab for the coffee pot.  When I entered he was laying on the floor surrounded by broken glass and covered in coffee.

Tracy checked him for glass and instinctively picked him up, despite the fact she isn’t to be lifting anything over 10 lbs for another 5 weeks.  I put Josiah on the couch and had to stop Kate and Ang from running into the glass and coffee on the floor.  We checked Greggory, he was fine, other than needing another bath.  We began cleaning the glass off the floor, I hollered for Tanisha to put Josiah to bed, and Angelique starts crying.  She stepped on a piece of glass and was bleeding.

Blood for Angelique usually means the end of the world, at least in her eyes.

So, I took her to the bathroom, checked her foot for glass, cleaned the wound, all the while she is screaming and crying.  When I grabbed the tweazers she thought I was going to stab her.  Oy vey!  I got her bandaged up and stopped crying, came back in to help Tracy clean up the coffee and glass mess, then proceeded to sweep the entire kitchen, moving the table and getting every corner.

Ok, Josiah is in bed, I got Greggory re-bathed and down for a nap.  Now it’s time to finish the lazagna.  Katelyn decided she wanted to help now.  So, with her assistance (which of course costs more time, but at this point the time to prepare this dish is irrelevant), we finally finished the lazagna.  It is three hours since I began the lazagna, and I feel like I’ve been through a war zone.

I should publish a parents cookbook.  It would contain more accurate prep times that take into account kids messing up your dinner preparation.

Quick Lazagna.  Feeds 6.  Prep time- 15 minutes to 3 hours, depending on family disasters for the day.

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