Posted by: Tracy | 2008 July 1

Katelyn’s Two Upper Front Teeth

The way she lost both her two upper front teeth.  We were outside playing away when Katelyn trips and hit Angelique’s head on the way down to the ground.  Then before we know it she was screaming, Angelique was crying.  My dad and I went to her, Katelyn is picking up two teeth out of the grass while screaming and bleeding and Angelique is holding the back of her head crying.  Angelique is fine she didn’t cry for very long and then she became very worried for Katelyn.  I rushed Katelyn to the bathroom and began to get cold water on her gums to stop the bleeding.  It finally stopped bleeding and we gave her some Childrens Ibuprofen and some Baby Orajel.  She is very lucky that those teeth were her baby teeth because we didn’t have to rush her anywhere to get them fixed.  Her gums got a little bruised from the ordeal but she is going to be okay.  Now when she talks, she is unable to say the S’s very well, it’s so cute.

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