Posted by: Tracy | 2008 June 27

Josiah’s recent discoveries

Josiah has figured out to make his music play on his bouncer.  Ever time he kicks music and lights will light up.  He does that on his own now.

Today I was holding him and look down at him and he had his hand out in front of his face just staring away at his hand.  Every time he moved his hand he would follow it with his eyes.  Then slowly moves one finger and then another while very fasinated by his movements.  It is so much fun to watch each new thing he does.

He also found a very interesting way to sleep.  I could put him on his right side but he rolls himself back to his back sleeps in a funky sleeping position.  His chiropractor says he sleeps in the “C”.  In a way it looks like that.  Hopefully it won’t make him out of wack in the alignment area.  As long as he is asleep.

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