Posted by: Tracy | 2008 June 27

Family Oaks Park Fun

We went to Oaks Park on June 21st, sponsored by the Optimist Club through the Candlelighters (which is an organization for kids with cancer or has had cancer).  My family went and we had a blast.

Here are some highlights from our fun day:

(We don’t know the girl sitting next to Ang so I added a silly face to the little girl’s face)

The girls really didn’t like the octopus after that ride Tired boys
Since we went Kate and Ang plays Screaming Eagle on my parents swing set now.  While I am inside I hear whole bunch of high pitch screams so I go out there and tell them to calm down and no more screaming.  “But mom we are on the Screaming Eagle” so I tell them not to scream so loudly.


  1. Just an observation, there is no picture of the person in your family who actually had cancer. Did she not go to an event where she was the only one qualified to attend? You managed to have a picture of Tracy’s sister but not Tanisha? I don’t get it. Oh well, I guess I’ll get back to solving the world’s problems.

  2. Bill,
    She’s a pre-teen. Do you think she stood still long enough to get her picture taken?


  3. She also had a friend with her, she didn’t want to be seen with her family. LOL!!!!

  4. I don’t believe for one second that a pre-teen girl would act in such a manner!!! This is where those vicious rumors get started that are leading our youth down the wrong path. When I see you next expect a thorough beating. Now, back to spanking my kids.


    PS. next time, sneak a picture in. Tell her it’s for her poor, old, senile uncle Bill who is going mad in the brain.

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