Posted by: berencamlost | 2008 June 24

The House Hunt Update

We’ve been looking at listings for over a month, and we’ve looked at a dozen houses or so.  This last Sunday we saw a house that would work for us.  3 bedrooms, with an easy 4th by using the family room (it already has a door and is segregated from the rest of the house.)  With over 1500 square feet, a big lot, bank owned, and two bathrooms, it would totally work for us.

Now, being realistic, I’m digging up the negatives and throwing those in front of my face.  The house was added on to in 2000 with no permits.  The add on has a very slight slant to it, which suggests that either the foundation was a deck foundation or it simply settled.  Since it’s been 8 years since the add on, the ground should be done settling, so that’s not a huge worry.  The lack of permits will be a factor if we ever wanted to sell it (which we most likely wouldn’t, not for a long time.)  The heating system is new, the “master” bedroom is huge.  The other two bedrooms are on the smaller side, but doable.  There is a big dining area- we could fit the whole family.   Tanisha wouldn’t have to change schools (a big plus!)  There’s also a little tiny basement area where the electrical box and hot water heater are that I could potentially use for lagering beer.

So, since this entire thing is a God thing, we’re putting it in his hands.  If this place won’t fly then I’m asking Him to make it known to us.  If this house would be the one, then I’m asking him to make that abundantly clear as well.  I’m also praying for some extra income, as this house thing is completely dependent upon us making more than we do right now.  I’m looking for a second job right now, if any of you have any leads on something part time which would bring me in an extra $400 a month or more.

Speaking of second jobs, people have asked us if we would need to get a second job to make this work, then why do it at all?  Why not rent where you can afford it?  Well, that’s a nice thought, seriously.  Currently in Portland, the law states that you can only have two children in a room when you rent a place (our old land lady was extremely generous to us by not saying anything).  So, we have 5 kids.  Do the math.  We would need a 4 bedroom apartment.  I’ve been looking at 4 bedroom apartments, and the least expensive ones I’ve found are over $1000 a month.  That would be equal to a mortgage payment, and we would be in the same boat needing extra income to make it.  So, apartment where I’m busting my butt to make ends meet, or house where I’m busting my buns to make ends meet.    That’s an easy choice for me.  Gimme a house.

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