Posted by: Tracy | 2008 June 18

My Birthday Yesterday

The cake

Yesterday was my birthday and it started out to be a horrible, no good day.  First of all hubby left for work without saying “goodbye, the I love you and happy birthday sweetie”.  Then the girls started to fight over who was getting dressed and not getting dressed.  The topper is when I was taking Angelique to school for the last day Greggory started to throw up in the van, all over himself and the carseat.  GREAT!!!!!  Happy Birthday MOM!  So I spent an hour cleaning up Greggory, change clothes and give him a bath.  Then went out to the van to get the carseat out and took all the stuff apart so I can wash it.  Did that and put covering in washer to get cleaned, hosed off the actual seat out in the street and put that in backyard to dry off.  Now it was time for to get the van seat cleaned off, went and looked for cleaner but parents didn’t have any.  So, I cleaned it with Dawn and called Brett to see if he can pick some stuff up and be able to get Tanisha and Angelique home school because they get out early.  The whole time I was doing all this Josiah was hungry and screaming to be fed.  Finally I got to him.  That ordeal was over.

Then kids got home around 10:40 am and they kept bugging me, I was finally able to sit down and eat something in hopes of being left alone.  That didn’t happen until I told them to leave me alone for a little so I can veg, so I vegged out for maybe 30 minutes.  Then I started on our laundry, went through kids dressers and got rid of two kitchen garbage bags worth of clothes and made room for more clothes that I bought from garage sales on Saturday.  It’s nice because I don’t have to put away the girl’s clothes anymore, they are old enough to put them away themselves.  Then I did dishes and straightened up a little around here because it was looking kind of messy.

I did a lot yesterday for being my birthday but it all needed to be done.  I didn’t get to relax until later on in the evening.  Brett and mom both went grocery shopping for dinner last night, the kids and parents had what mom bought for dinner.  Brett made me dinner later after we put the kids the down for bed.  We had cake, ice cream and I opened up my cards, my mom got me a bottle of Framboise.  Brett even put 31 candles on the cake for me to blow out little did he know some of them were those candles that don’t blow out, so I had to wet my fingers and put them out with my fingers.  Though after doing so I realized my kidlets were watching me put the candles out with my fingers and I told them not to do that.  Angelique responded “Mom your going to burn yourself.”  It was a good laugh.

Brett put the kidlets to bed while I fed Josiah.  Then Brett started on our dinner, we had steak with sauted mushrooms, red peppers, green peppers and red onions, green beans, mashed potatoes, bread and to drink we had wine.

My day started out to be a really horrible day but at the end it turned out to be a good day after all.  God blessed my day yesterday.

Tracy with cakeTracy blowing out the candles

Tracy holding magnet

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