Posted by: Tracy | 2008 June 12

Today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary

Brett and Tracy

We got married 9 years ago. We have had our ups and downs but we are still together through the grace of God. Brett is a gift from God and has brought him in my life to bless me.

We are definitely opposites but he compliments me and I compliment him. In the 9 years we have been married we have moved 3 times working on our 4th move and hopefully last for a long time, 4 children and many wonderful memories. He makes me laugh everyday either by being silly with the kids, making a joke or just being a plain old goof ball. He is a wonderful husband.

We are not doing thing for our anniversary which I am kind of bummed about but it kind of got lost in our crazy life that is going on right now. It is kind of to late to find a babysitter for the same day. So we will have to celebrate it on another day but don’t know when that will happen. The most important thing is that we still happily together and this will not break us.

Brett, I love you! You a wonderful husband to me! I never thought I would have found somebody to marry (especially somebody with a child already) and God brought you to me. He brought you to be a husband to me and a father to Tanisha and I thank you for being there for us. You have stepped up to be her father in every way and I appreciate that. She loves you so much. Thank you for everything you have done for our family. I respect you for it.

So Happy 9th Anniversary my love.

Brett and Tracy


  1. I love you too! Thank you for being my wife!

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