Posted by: berencamlost | 2008 June 11

The Move

U-Haul truck

On Saturday, May 31st we moved out of our apartment and into the in-laws house.  To help us move, we had a small army of friends help us out.

We started bright and early at around 9am, picking up the Uhaul and getting things organized.  I was completely frazzled, as I was tired and things still weren’t done that I had wanted to get done.  We had a great big pile of boxes in the living room that we had packed up, but there were still miscellaneous odds and ends to finish.

Our movers showed up around 10am, and I sent the wife along with my friend Jen to the in-laws to help get things ready there.  Then we began loading up the U-Haul.

It became apparent very quickly that I hadn’t thought this portion of the move through, but being guys, we talked it through a bit, came up with a game plan, and then executed it.  All the in-laws stuff goes first, then the storage stuff next.

Before we reached the in-laws, I called in a pizza order.  So, when we got to the in-laws we unloaded, pizza showed up, and we all ate.  Yippie!  My beer aficionado friends got to try my last homebrew I did, and they both gave it high praises.  Yippie!

Then we finished loading up the U-Haul with the stuff for storage.  It became quickly apparent that I had rented much too small of a unit to fit all our stuff, so when we got there I had to get another unit.  Once that ordeal was over we then proceeded to finish unloading.  Then everyone left and I helped my brother in law Jeremy haul an entertainment center and an elliptical to his house in Sandy.

The apartment was still a mess, there was miscellaneous little crap all over, but nothing major.  We spent Sunday cleaning and Sunday evening my friend Brett patched up the hole in the sheet rock for me.

We did the walk through and should be getting all but $30 of our cleaning deposit back, which is nice.  Now we are busy looking at houses and seeing what the good Lord has in store for us.  Needless to say, summers are busy for us, and adding house hunting on top of it is making for an even more busy than normal summer.

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