Posted by: berencamlost | 2008 April 24

Burning Misadventures

Last night I was making a quick dinner, as we had to leave for Awana’s soon.  Angelique decided she wanted to “help” me, so she brought a chair over to the stove to assist with the process of boiling noodles.  While the noodles were boiling, I went to clean something up and get the table ready to eat.  Angelique promptly disappeared, leaving a chair by the stove unattended. 

I was only away from the stove for less than a minute when I heard the scream.  Turning around, I saw Greggory standing on the chair, holding his hand in the air, and his hand was bright red.  He apparently tried to reach into the boiling water and grab a noodle.

I quickly took him over to the sink, letting a few profanities slip from my mouth, and put his hand under running cold water.  I held him there for a good 15 minutes, Tracy came in and after surmising the situation, got him some Ibuprofen.  We called Tracy’s folks to let them know we won’t be at Awana’s tonight and to drop the kids off.  After dropping them off, we rushed Greggory to the hospital.

He screamed and cried the whole way to the hospital.

In the emergency room, the triage nurse put gause around his hand, which helped calm him down, as the air wasn’t getting to the burn anymore.  And, they got us back immediately.  I’ve never had that quick service at an emergency room before (except with Tanisha, but dealing with cancer kids is another story.)

He has mostly 1st degree burns with a few 2nd degree burns.  They told us what I already knew, it needs to heal from within, don’t pop the blisters, give him tylenol or ibuprofen for pain, and keep his hand wrapped.  He slept the whole time while in the actual room. 

Once we were done with our misadventure in the hospital, we still had time to make it to church for Awana.  We stopped to grab a bite to eat and headed to church, Greggory spending the evening with my wife and having his hand bandaged up.

It was a scary evening and an exhausting one emotionally.  Josiah kept Tracy up quite a while on top of that. 

This morning, Greggory woke up happy and playing.  He ripped the bandages off, so we had to re-wrap his hand up again.  He is being cautious with using the hand, though, which is normal.

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