Posted by: Tracy | 2008 April 23

Re-Enrolled Katelyn

We re-enrolled Katelyn into Connections Academy for next year last week. I asked Katelyn if she wanted to do this for next year and she said “yes”. Which I had already filled out the papers and faxed them in. I think they are enrolling new students now as well. So if you are thinking about homeschooling I really encourage you to do it because you can have some wonderful times with your child but you can have some very frustrating moments as well. At least Katelyn is very understanding and forgiving of me when I loose it with her when my expectations are too high for her. That is my down fall is the expectations is really high, when I feel it should be easy but to her it is not because she just learned the concept. Other than that we have a great time doing this and spend a lot of time together. My favorite part with her is when she takes the stuff she learns and applies it out side of school. She does a lot of the science stuff and applies to.

For example: she saw a water fountain and she said “that is liquid, it has no shape of its own.”

My response was ” what is it made up of?”

She said “Matter.”

I just am glad she understands some of the stuff.

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