Posted by: Tracy | 2008 April 22

Life is Busy around the Gorley House

Well I haven’t written in a while, taken care of 5 children takes a lot of energy out of me. So far it is going some what smoothly, if you can call it that. We still have the normal fighting but it could be worse. We are trying to have the girls pick up on some of the slack in chores and making sure their room gets cleaned nightly. Which is a task in it self, for some odd reason they think they can mess it up with out cleaning it up. I mean even the oldest one complains. I want to get rid of all their toys and have none at all then they wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning them up any more. But what would that really teach them. I have tried bribing them and tried giving them a time limit of cleaning and if not cleaned then the toys get taken away forever. Nothing has worked to get them to clean. So maybe they will surprise me one day and keep it cleaned or clean it when we tell them to clean it.

On Sunday we got home from church and I barely was keeping my eyes open for lunch time I forced myself to finish eating and then went upstairs to sleep.  I crashed, I think I slept for 3 to 4 hours, it felt good.  Josiah slept that long as well.  That nap helped for that day but I need more sleep all over again.  I am too old for this newborn stuff.=)  I know it will get better and I am not complaining about it.  I just look at his face and fall in love with him.  I can’t believe Josiah is already 3 weeks old. He is already out growing some of his  clothes. He also is getting a double chin and some rolls on his thighs. He is so cute and precious.

Last week Brett went back to work and I took over things again, though Brett did take Angelique to school for me. School with Katelyn went pretty smoothly better than I expected even with very little sleep for me. We had only one day of frustration with Katelyn, Josiah and our van to the point where I felt overwhelmed and cried for 5 minutes inside the van because it wouldn’t start. It turns out it needed a new battery. Well yesterday was a little tougher to get into school time with Katelyn but I finally got to it with her. It was on my part not hers, I just didn’t feel like doing it. I got Angelique off to school as well and Brett got to go back to working out in the mornings again. I even got a shower before I started the day which is good. Though Josiah has been wanting to be held all day and not give me a minute.  Today has been a lot easier day.  Josiah slept the whole time I did schooling with Katelyn which gives me a break compared to yesterday where he wanted me all day long.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. You are truly blessed with such a wonderful family and they are equally blessed having you for a mom.

    Glad to hear you’ve been able to use CA and make it work for you. We love it. We are going into our fourth year and I can only say that I wish it had been available in Idaho when my kids were little.


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