Posted by: Tracy | 2008 April 8

Josiah’s First Week of Life!

Joisah in Uncle Tim\'s outfit

We got home Monday from the hospital and had a pretty quiet day. I rested and Josiah slept a lot. He also ate a lot as well. Around 3 pm is when the rest of the kids came home and they rushed to go see their new baby brother. Do they love him! They fought over who was going to hold him first. We even let Greggory hold him. He is very curious about him and wants to have hands on. He likes to try and put his pacifier in his mouth and he also tries to give him love pats. His gentle means a whole different gentle than ours does.

Greggory and Josiah

Tuesday we just hung around the house and relaxed. That was really nice. Josiah had his first doctors appointment with his doctor that afternoon to check his weight. He gained an ounce in one day, which the doctor said that is good. He was having latching on problems at the hospital and continued at home, the only way he would nurse was to use a shield.

Then on Wednesday stayed home most of the day. We took the kids to Awana and had dinner there. Brett and I left after the meal and went home. We didn’t stay for the actual Awana part but the kids did. It was kind of wierd going home and not helping, I felt useless but I knew I needed to go home and rest.

On Thursday we went to my mom’s work to have lunch with her but we crossed paths and saw each other after her lunch time. So we took him around to meet all her co-workers more like Grandma showing him off. Then ran a few errands and then we went home. I also e-mailed chiropractors that do chiropractor care and craniosacral therapy on newborns that our insurance would cover. Cranisocacral therapy is suppose to help latching on problems but if I couldn’t find a place that took our insurance we would had to pay over $100 for the first session and if he needed more then around $50 each extra session. Ouch! But I did find one it’s called Pure Life Clinic. They had an appointment for Friday in the morning. We relaxed for the rest of the night.

On Friday took Josiah to clinic and had the cranisocacral therapy done and half way through the treatment he got hungry and he latch right on with out the shield. Yipppeeeeeeeee! The therapy worked and she wasn’t even finished with it, so she said he was fine and didn’t need any more work done. We only had to pay $15 for it and he will go again in a few months to get realigned. My sister in law did this for her boys and kept telling me that it should be a requirement for all newborns to get this therapy done, I never did it with Greggory because he seemed fine. But with Josiah’s nursing problems I decided what the heck lets try it and it worked. So now I believe the same thing as her, all newborns should be getting this therapy. The clinic is owned by a married couple and they were so nice. I would recommend them to anybody. After we left for that we did a few errands and went home for the night.

On Saturday I went to my sister’s house and Brett went for the day to our church’s men’s retreat. Had lunch with my sister, mom, grandma, sister in law and her mom, and all our kids (eight all put together). After lunch we headed over to my mom’s house and made homemade pizzas. We spent the night over since Brett didn’t get there until 2:30 am. I had lots of fun.

Sunday took him to church for the first time. He was a very good boy. I wish I would have took a picture of his outfit on him because he looked so cute. We got home from church and I slept most of the day away. That helped me a lot. Poor Brett though Greggory wasn’t feeling very good so he didn’t a nap in.

Monday our apartments are getting new windows in it so we spent the day at my parents house and then we went home. Brett took Greggory to the doctors and found out he has a ear infection, poor guy. So now he is on some medications. Brett went to his Bible Study and took care of the kids for the first time since Josiah has been born. I am also off all the pain medications now as well.

As for today I am starting feel tired again since I haven’t had a chance to take a nap in the last two days and only getting 4 to 5hours sleep a night is starting wear me out. I took some pictures of Josiah to prepare for our birth announcement. I took a lot and did they turn out to be so cute. It will be hard to choose which one we will use. This the update so far of our lives and his first week of his life.

Josiah on back with eyes openJosiah on belly

Josiah with arm by faceHead shot of Josiah

Brett has been so good during this and pulling a lot of the weight around here. I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband that is willing to do this for our family. I am going to miss him when he goes back to work on Monday. I love him so much.

God is good to us. We are so blessed to have the children we have. Yes, they can be trouble but God gave them to us as a gift and I cherish the thought He gave them to us to raise as His children. I pray they all will grow to be children of God. I may have given birth to them and raising them but they are still God’s children. We need let them see that God is their heavenly Father and we are their earthly parents. He has entrusted them to us and we have to see they get the upbringing that God wants for them. When you look at your children and see how blessed you are to have them always remember that God gave them to you. Children are a gift from God and they aren’t to be taken for granted.

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