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Welcome Josiah Richard Gorley

Josiah Richard Gorley

Josiah Richard Gorley was born March 29th at 1:20AM. He weighed 7 lbs 10 oz and is 19 1/2 inches long. We had an all-nighter Friday night, as Tracy was having contractions Friday morning, causing us to go in to get checked out.

Our normal doctor was out on vacation, so we had another one check on Tracy. Tracy was dialated 4-5 cm and 75-80% effaced, so they kept her and had her do some walking. They also kept checking her blood pressure. When her blood pressure hit over 150/100, they decided it might be best for her to have this baby now rather than wait 3 days. So, they began giving her some magnesium sulfate to bring the blood pressure down and started her on pitocin at around 6:30PM. Josiah’s head wasn’t far enough down to break the water, so we waited.

Angelique sleepingTanisha and Kate sleeping

Finally, at about 1AM Josiah’s head came down far enough for them to break Tracy’s water, and that’s when things started to happen. Her contractions got very hard, though she couldn’t feel them due to having an epideral (her first time having one.) We woke the kids, as they all fell asleep in the room waiting for the baby to be born. Tracy felt like she had to push, the doctor told her to go ahead as she was having a contraction, so she pushed. Pretty soon we saw Josiah’s head and I was able to touch him as he came out. His cord was wrapped around his neck, so I quickly got my hand out of the way as the doctor unwrapped the cord.

It’s A Boy

Angelique watched the whole thing. She got squeamish after the placenta came out and started getting a bit freaked out. Kate kept her head under the covers after baby came out, until things got cleaned up a bit. Tanisha sat there, watched everything including the doctor stiching Tracy up. By the time it was all over everyone was exhausted and went home, leaving Tracy and I with our newborn son.

Mommy holding JosiahAngelique holding JosiahKate holding JosiahTanisha holding Josiah

The next few days we were greeted with visitors, mostly family. Tracy was getting her tubes tied, which was supposed to happen Saturday but got postponed till Sunday. Though no one told the surgeon performing the operation. He was less than pleased when he arrived and found out the surgery wasn’t going to happen. The rest of the day was nurses checking on Tracy, trying to get Josiah to wake up to breast feed, and having family drop by to visit.

Grandma holding JosiahGrandpa holding JosiahGreat Grandpa GeorgeGreat Grandma Lucille

Sunday was a busy morning, as Josiah went to get circumcised and Tracy was taken to get her tubes tied. I was left by myself for a while to worry and pray about Tracy. Wasn’t too worried about Josiah- they’ve been doing circumcisions for thousands of years. Tubal Ligations are much more recent.

Karyn Hartley holding JosiahGrant Hartley holding cousin JosiahAnn Bryant holding JosiahDiane Moreland holding Josiah

Greggory Gorley with mommy in hospital bedKate leaning to kiss JosiahBrett Gorley as SuperDad

After another day of forcing Josiah to wake up long enough to eat and having our sleep interrupted constantly, we were ready to head home. So, we packed up our belongings, I took everything down to the car, we got our instructions for Tracy (no lifting for 6 weeks- ugh!) and got in the car to head home.

Tracy Gorley holding Josiah in wheelchair

Now, thanks to my generous workplace, I have two weeks off to help Tracy around the house. Once that is done, we’ll see how to manage. God has been amazingly graceful to us by blessing us with a beautiful, healthy baby boy. He is a true joy! The girls love him, Greggory is curious about him, and he is happy and healthy. Praise the Lord for his provision!

The Gorley Family with new member Josiah Richard


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! 🙂 How wonderful! You family is so beautiful and everyone is just beaming. Oh, to have a newborn baby in the house again (having major baby envy here!). I am so happy for all of you and pray for glorious, laughter filled days ahead…

  2. Congratulations Tracy and Brett!

    What a wonderful child…

    God bless your family,


  3. Very nice! Especially the part with kids sprawled all over the floor…

    Congrats you all!

  4. Hey Brett…Congratulations! What a great brood! May God bless your home and family.


  5. “Blessed is the man who has his quiver full of them!”

    May little Josiah be a rich blessing to your family, as you all will be to him. I’m very thrilled for you, and wish you all the best as you enjoy your new little blessing! May you have a speedy recovery, Tracy. May Josiah grow strong, healthy, and come to know Jesus at an early age.


  6. WOW he looks like Russ! But WHERE ARE HIS HANDS? AAAAAH!

  7. […] Read all about it here! […]

  8. Well he is a cute baby. Wow you have got quite the family! God bless you and give you wisdom as you raise them all to be followers of Jesus.

  9. Welcome baby Josiah to this crazy family! (I’m just sorry I missed your birth!)

    We love all of you!
    Uncle Tim, Auntie Karyn, & Cousins Grant & Isaac

  10. I think he looks just like Angelique. We’ll try to come see him as soon as we can.

  11. So sorry we could not be there. We were all sick and just now on the way to recovery. We were excited to see the pictures. Josiah is VERY cute!!! We all look forward to meeting him soon (even Zoe). It will be neat to see how Kyla Mae responds. Love you all and let us know if we can help out in any way.
    The Totten Family

  12. Congratulations!!!! He is beautiful!! Way to go mom!!

  13. Congratulations Brett. What a glorious day.
    John Wecks

  14. Congratulations Bret and Tracy!! I am very happy that this long pregnancy is at it’s end and you have a healthy, beautiful boy to add more joy to your family!!

    See you when you get back to work!!

    God Bless!

  15. Well done Mom and Dad! What a beautiful family!
    Can’t wait to love on Him!

  16. Brett & Tracy, Congratulations! I am glad to hear that Josiah is finally here and that he is healthy! God has richly blessed you and your family. I wish I could be there to say hi! Love, Ruth 🙂

  17. Of course, huge congratulations! What a beautiful boy! Hope Tracy starts feeling like herself soon. Blessings to you!

  18. Holey crap that is a beautiful baby boy- Greggy looks a bit confused about the whole situation. CHeers to all!

  19. con-grats on the new little one he looks great. hope you guys are all doing well.

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