Posted by: Tracy | 2008 March 27

3 Days Left of Pregnancy

I am finally nesting though I have only 3 days left of my pregnancy. I have been wanting to do stuff but I have been very cautious of what I do but now it is different. I had Tanisha and Angelique clean their room and clean the living room. I also was doing school with Katelyn while they cleaned. Then I decided the kids had way too many toys in the living room so we cleaned out the toys, got rid of two boxes worth of toys and one garbage bag worth of broken toys or ones that was missing pieces. I also vacuumed the living room. Then I put the baby swing together and realized the cover smelled like my parents attic so I decided to wash the cover and while I was at it I washed the bouncer cover as well. So got those cleaned and all put back together. Though I think I am missing two poles to my swing that may be in my parents attic but it is not harming the swings function at all. We put our fourth van seat in our living room and we have set baby stuff on it which is bugging me so I might tackle that tomorrow. The clothes needed to be folded so I did that and had the girls put their clothes away, I even had Katelyn and Angelique put their clothes away, who knows how they are put away but they are put away none the less. Brett came home to a clean living room first in a few months. Then tonight I wanted to take a bath but it hasn’t been cleaned in a while so I cleaned it out. I got to take a bath in a clean tub for once. Our place is coming back in order finally. On Saturday  I  plan to clean it even better, the kitchen is next and got to clean our room and Greggory’s room. I want to leave on Monday night with a clean house and come back to one on Thursday when I get released. I want our new one to have a fresh start in a clean house.

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