Posted by: Tracy | 2008 March 21

Update about Tanisha’s IEP Plan Meeting

The meeting went really well, we didn’t have to use any of the stuff we brought for back up like report cards, last years IEP plan and the some other stuff.  They were very receptive what we had to say and what our oncologist had informed me to talk to them about.  As I thought they didn’t understand of all the implications can happen to kids that have gone through cancer.  When I was talking about how well they do at the beginning of a year after a major change in schools and then they start slipping, which they all agree that is happening.  So they are going to modify her assignments more so she doesn’t feel as over whelmed and also start her on a clean slate after spring break.  They will also exempt her missing work that she has missed she can feel she is caught up on work at least.  So the school is working with us and are willing to do a little bit more for her as well.  She will start meeting with the counselor once a week to just talk how everything is going and if there is anything else she wants to talk about.  Thank you all for whoever prayed for this because the prayer could be felt.  I went in so nervous and came out with a sense of peace.

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