Posted by: Tracy | 2008 March 18

6 Month Check up For Tanisha

Today I took Tanisha for her 6 month check up at Emanuel to make sure her blood counts are good and that she is still cancer free. Everything turned out to be good, she is still cancer free. Praise the Lord! We don’t go back until August and she will have hit the 5 year mark of being off treatment and cancer free. Then we  start going once a year to get check ups.

Last year she had this blood test done for getting her tonsils out, it was to check to see how well her blood clots. Well it didn’t clot very well and didn’t know if her blood could do it by itself. So we had to go in and have more blood work done and have them do special test with it. She was able to get her tonsils out last April and did just fine and didn’t need a blood transfusion. To find out today from the doctor almost a whole year later, that her blood may have a clotting problem but it’s not a worry  at this time of her life. When she gets an adult and thinking about having children than it may become an issue. So that is a little nerve racking and worry some but I can’t worry about it right now because it’s not an issue right now. When she gets older maybe they can run more intensive test to find out for sure because I know she wants to be a mom when she gets married that is what she says. Also in August the doctor wants to run a test to break down this one blood count because her red blood cells are forming small, so if they look at it now she should be taking iron pills (which are about $50 prescription) but there is a test that separate the iron and protein cells to see if she needs iron or that is how she is made. Because ethnicity can play a part in how blood cells are formed, so she may not need extra iron to help her along in life.

Then we also talked about her schooling and how cancer could have affected her. We just got her progress report and the grades has fallen since the last report card, it went from A’s and B’s to D’s and F’s. The school doesn’t seem to be worried about it but I am and so are her doctors (primary and oncologist). We are meeting with them tomorrow morning to go over her IEP plan and some other issues that need to be taken care of. They don’t understand how much cancer can effect a child educationally wise. Her doctor today said she has seen these kids just drop away and not want to be in school anymore, it really happens when there is change in schools, major grade changes, and when they start realizing their peers are further along in education than they are. Tanisha is at that age she sees this happening. Some schools just let them drop because they think they don’t care but they really do care and they are trying their best and just can’t do it. We going tomorrow to be her advocate and get her the help she needs and make sure they do it. One thing the doctor suggested that Tanisha brings the days work home even if she has already done it and review it nightly with her so she can understand it better. I am praying that the school will listen to me and my husband tomorrow about our concerns how they are dealing with her and they will not become defensive about it because when I talked to the counselor yesterday she was really defensive and putting a lot of the blame on Tanisha. Which is not okay. She wasn’t happy that her primary doctor wrote a note to them stating her concerns about Tanisha and they need to be helping her out more. I really wish I had the patience to home school her as well but I know I can’t and I don’t know if Connections Academy would take her because of how extensive her IEP plan is suppose to be working. I want the best for Tanisha because she deserves it and she doesn’t deserve to be left behind because of a medical condition she had and all the drugs to treat it. It is not her fault. The doctor is going to have the resource lady at the clinic and the neuropsychologist call the school and inform them as well how to work with Tanisha and what is the best way to help her to learn. A few years ago we had a neuropsychologist do some testing on her and found out she has some learning disabilities due to chemo we don’t know since we don’t have anything to compare it with since she was so young being diagnosed with cancer. We gave the report to the school and we have no clue if they have even read the findings or even understand what the results mean for Tanisha. So we will see what will happen tomorrow at the meeting.

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