Posted by: berencamlost | 2008 March 10

Memories In A Box

Last night while digging through my in-law’s attic, I ran across an old box containing all my Vic-20 games and software.  For those of you who don’t know, the Vic-20 was one of the early home computers.  Created by Commodore and with advertising by William Shatner, it was a great little computer.  My friend Shanon and I would spend countless hours pouring over that computer plugging in code, creating games, and having lots of creative fun.  I am hoping to be able to convert all my old cassette tapes to digital format to be able to run them in an emulator, thus preserving them.

Another treasure I found up there was a box containing a bunch of my college class notes, as well as all my high school and college annuals  (not yearbooks, annuals!  And, yes, I am an old fart, Tracy!)  I looked through a few of my high school annuals last night, remembering people I used to know back then, and wondering about all the profanity and scribblings I allowed people to do all over them.  I even teased Tracy a bit with girls I had crushes on back then.

My high school 20 year reunion is this year, along with a website dedicated to it.  I plan on scanning a bunch of photos out of our senior year annual (not yearbook!) and putting them online.


  1. The one thing I’ve observed over the last couple of decades or so, is that it takes even more patience to use a Datassette now than it ever did before. You really take for granted how far computing has come since then.

    On the other hand, Pinball Spectacular is as fun now as it was a quarter century ago, thank goodness for cartridges. 🙂

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