Posted by: Tracy | 2008 February 26


I am so bored with sitting or laying in bed all day long.  At least in the mornings I am schooling Katelyn but then after that I try to figure out what I am going to do.  I have some episodes of Little House on the Prairie but then I can only watch so much of it.  I play on the internet now that we have a laptop, I can do that from the bed.  That gets real old.  So today I been meaning to hit the stores to buy some things for Josiah and crib sheets for Greggory.  So I shopped online today, I bought a diaper bag, some crib sheets and a protective covers for the portable crib.  Sometime we have to go over to my parents house to go get the toddler bed for Greggory because that will be his bed.  I found some Spiderman toddler bed sheets that fit a crib mattress, of course I had to get it.  I also got a set of Tonka Truck sheets as well.  I found all this on the Walmart site.   Now I have that done and off of my mind.  I have the baby clothes into Josiah’s dresser.  There is only a few more things to do to prepare him to come and I can’t do that now.  We need to buy diapers for him and a baby book as well.  I don’t want to buy the book without being able to look at it.  So hopefully when I go see the doctor on Thursday she will spring me from bedrest.  I can do those last few things.  I have 5 weeks and 6 days to go or less, we’ll see when he decides to come.  I am getting excited but nervous at the same, even though I know what to expect.  I am just not looking forward to the pain of labor.


  1. After 4 kids with no drugs, I didn’t think that would be an issue. Besides, aren’t you talking about doing an epideral?

  2. Yes, but still you have of the after math of labor. Just because I have had 4 kids without drugs I don’t look forward to the pain.

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