Posted by: Tracy | 2008 February 8

Last ultrasound of Josiah at 32 weeks

Josiah's lips and nose

This is the last ultra sound of Josiah before he is born. He is healthy and growing just fine. The placenta is good and have enough amniotic fluid for him. We have about 8 weeks or less to meet our bundle of joy. I had to go to today’s appointment by myself since everyone in the house is sick with the flu. It wasn’t as enjoyable to today since I didn’t get to enjoy it with Brett. He got to see the ultrasound pictures but that isn’t the same as seeing Brett’s face light up during the ultrasound seeing his son on the screen. Josiah is breech right now but he has time to turn still before birthing time. Just keep us in your prayers as everyone is sick and I am holding down the fort right now and as the weeks go by that Josiah stays in the womb since I am still having minor contractions. They have slowed down at least, I hope they don’t start back up because I have to take care of everybody including Brett.

Josiah's arm and head Josiah's Face

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