Posted by: berencamlost | 2008 February 4

Our Scary Sunday

Sunday. Church, superbowl, and rest. Right? Nope.

We started out at church yesterday morning, since I had to be there to run the PowerPoint during service. Tracy had the job of getting all the other kids to church by herself (she’s a pro!) After church she starts telling me, “We need to get HOME! NOW!” Apparently, all morning she was having cramps in her belly. We get home, she lays down, and they are continuing.

Oh, great. She’s having contractions. Mind you, she is only 31 weeks along.

So, we pawn the kids off (thank you everyone!) and get Tracy to the hospital. Up to the familiar territory of Providence maternity ward.

Normally at Providence, the rooms are great! Plenty of room, a TV, nice comfy furniture. But all the rooms were full. We were stuck in an exam room. Poor Tracy had to lay on an exam table for hours.

They hooked up Tracy to monitors and sure enough she’s having contractions. They hooked up the heartbeat monitor to listen to Josiah, but the little bugger kept moving around and wouldn’t let them get his heartbeat for any length of time. So, the nurse has me hold the heartbeat monitor once she’s got a good reading on it. I held it for a good 20 minutes, occasionally moving it as Josiah would move and kick at it.

The good news was that the baby was fine (especially since he was kicking the heart monitor.) They gave Tracy a shot to slow the contractions and put her on IV fluids, as she was a bit dehydrated. They also got her some food, since she had neglected to eat that day. They gave her a test to see if her body was getting ready to go into labor in the next two weeks. That test took a long time, so we didn’t get the results till the next day.

After a few hours the contractions were still coming, but her cervix was only dilated 1 cm. The baby was healthy, and the contractions weren’t doing anything noticeable. So, they sent us home with a prescription that is supposed to lessen contractions.

The family stepped up and took the kids for us for the evening, so Tracy was able to go home and rest. I got her some dinner and got her prescription (stupid pharmacy screwed up the insurance billing- but that’s another story.) I got to bed after 11:30PM, Tracy was down by 10PM.

The good news was that Monday morning we got the test results, and there is no indication that she will be going into labor in the next two weeks. We saw our doctor today, and she told Tracy to take it easy, which means that now I get to do everything! So, the next few weeks will be interesting. More work for Brett, less for Tracy, and a lot of worries if baby will surprise us early.

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