Posted by: Tracy | 2008 January 28

Katelyn and Homeschooling

I am enjoying homeschooling Katelyn more than I thought I would.  Today we have had some battles with the listening part but we got through it.  In the Social Studies she wasn’t understanding some of the questions and it was hard trying to explain to her when she kept focusing on the example they gave her and not the question that related to her.  But overall we are doing quite well with it.  I keep asking her how she likes it and she says it is better than her old school.  I am so glad she is liking it.  We did art today and the art lesson was to pick a part of your kitchen and draw it just like a designer would.  We had fun with that and she even put our clutter into the picture.  I hung it on one of the cupboards to show the blueprint of that side of the kitchen.  Hopefully if Brett can get the day off to watch the other kidlets, Katelyn and I will go to the capital to see the legislation in action and get a tour of the state capital.  That would be so fun I have never been in the capital before.

If you anyone is deciding on wanting to home school their child or children I would recommend it especially going through Connections Academy (they have made is so easy to do this and it’s free.  We have to purchase a few things like supplies but materials, books and some props they provide).  I was one that was dead against it because I didn’t think I could do it or have the patience.  God has shown me other wise and showing me more that it was the right decision.  I still don’t know if I am going to home school Angelique next year or not we will see.  She is doing well in public school and has no problems like Katelyn did.  I do plan on home schooling my boys though.  We plan to add some Christian stuff as well once I get a good routine with regular studies.

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