Posted by: Tracy | 2008 January 25

Multnomah Falls

Mommy and Katelyn in front of the Multnomah Falls sign

My mom called me and asked if I wanted to take Katelyn and Greggory to see Multnomah Falls frozen over. So we went. It was so awesome to see, I took a lot of pictures. Katelyn enjoyed it, she wanted to get some skates and go on the ice. I had to tell her the ice was too thin and she would fall in. It was so cold we probably stayed only for 15 minutes and then we left plus I had to be home when Tanisha and Angelique get out of school.  It was well worth the cold and short stay. Pictures doesn’t do its justice, I would recommend everyone to go and see it’s beauty.

Multnomah Falls Bridge Falls 1

falls 2 Falls 3

Ice Katelyn at lower falls

Katelyn in front of sign log at falls

mom, greg, kate stream

lower falls side stream

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