Posted by: Tracy | 2008 January 25

Birthday wishes to my Hubby!

Happy Birthday Brett!
Brett with Ang and Greggory

Happy Birthday my sweet love! I hope today goes smoothly for you! May God bless you another year of your life.

With much love,

Your wifey


  1. Thanks, Sweety! So far the day is good. Killing the humans with my dragons and my undead ghouls.

  2. Happy Birthday, Brett!

    Tracy, can Brett come out and play tomorrow night at the Horse Brass with me? His ghouls could use the exercise. And, everyone wants to meet his dragons. And, what better place to give the birthday boy is present?

    By and by, Brett told me that you guys would be bottling the Framboise tomorrow. I bet you’re pretty excited about it. I don’t know if I could wait. Lucky you’re with child, otherwise you might be sorely tempted.

  3. So Chris, what’s in it for me if Brett goes with you tomorrow night?

  4. Ah . . . well, you wouldn’t have to smell his farts.

    Um . . . The next time we all play miniatures, I can let you use my Squishy Vader to beat up on him.

    Hmm . . . he would be in a jolly mood when he got home.

    What about flattery? I think you’re pretty cool. I always said you were one tough lady. Brett’s pretty lucky to have you.

    Rocks? Candy?

  5. I guess he can go. He will have to call you when we get home from my parents house tonight.

  6. Woo hoo!

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