Posted by: Tracy | 2008 January 16

Three days into homeschooling!

Katelyn doing school work

So far I am enjoying homeschooling Katelyn and I think she is enjoying it as well. For the first day of school was a little frustrating to me and I think she was frustrated as well. We don’t have any of the materials yet to be able to do most of the subjects and I couldn’t find were to find all the math worksheets that where suppose to be online. So all we did was do all the orientation stuff which was kind of confusing, helpful in some ways and boring. The student orientation was fun but she didn’t really understand it, it seemed geared for the older kids. She kept asking when she could actually do some work but I didn’t have anything for to do. So we ended early. Later in the afternoon I decided to e-mail the enrollment team to find out what I am suppose to do with her until I get the materials. A few minutes after that they assigned her teacher and assignments. But most of them you need books and work books with. But they did tell me where to find the math work sheets for her to do.

The second day was more productive in work. We did some math, journaling, and setting our goals for homeschooling. I felt more relaxed and I had fun. She did two days worth of math which she already knows it since they are starting her with stuff from the beginning of the year so it is review for her. She journaled about her Kindergarten teacher from last year and this years 1st grade assistant she had in first grade. We talked about her drawing. We did some technology stuff on the computer like get to know your keyboard. She knew that but she didn’t really understand the home keys or anything like. She will figure it out soon. Before we knew it we were done. She had an hour before siblings got home from school to play. I got to talk to her teacher as well. I asked all the questions I needed answered and had all the assignments that need books pushed back until we get them. She is hoping by next Wednesday we get them. I think I am going to be okay doing this.

Well today was fun as well. We did 3 days worth of math of course separated them through out the day. We got some level 1 books from somebody so we started out the day having her read that book by herself. I am proud of her she read it all by herself. Then we talked about it, the main character, what he did through out the book and we had a nice conversation on it. She understood the whole book and was able to answer the questions I had for her. Then she said she wanted to journal about the book so I got her journal out and let her draw a picture and write about it. It is fun to see her wanting to do this even bringing great ideas of what to do. We did an hour worth of math.

Grggory asleep on the floor

Greggory feel asleep on the living room floor while we were doing school stuff.

Library clock

Then we decided to go to the library. (I meant to take pictures of Kate in the library but forgot, we got to involved in getting books. Next time.) She got handful of books, I found some that she should be able to read by herself. Then she saw the computers and she wanted to play. Since we weren’t on a time crunch and being at the library counts as school hours as well I allowed her to play. We spent an hour at the library, Greggory was a trooper and didn’t make a single noise while we were there. We came home and had lunch. Tanisha and Angileque had half days but Katelyn kept on doing school work. We finished the math and then I had her pick two books we checked out. I read them to her and then school was over.

I am going to have a library run every week now because it gets her out and learning and wanting to read. I think I am going to be okay doing this. Once I get the materials and books we will really be on schedule and we won’t have to find things to do during the day.


  1. Just happened upon your blog and wanted to say hi. I’m glad the frustration is moving into enjoyment for you and your daughter. 🙂 Homeschooling is amazingly fun!

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