Posted by: Tracy | 2008 January 8

Time is going too fast!

Each year time keeps going faster and faster but yet we have the same 24 hours in a day that goes back to who knows when. It seemed like yesterday we found out that we were pregnant for the 5th time and now we have less then 13 weeks till we meet Josiah. I am not ready yet. We may be moving before he is born or right after, I don’t know. That is another thing we are going to move but we don’t know when we will get that notice on the door or in the mail confirming it. We have decided no matter what will happen we will move, once we get the money for deposits and find the right place for us we will move. It’s kind of scary thinking we are going to move but don’t know when it’s going to happen, just like we are having a baby and know the due date but babies don’t always come on due date. I know I will have him a week before due date but he can come early as well. Time is approaching and it is scaring me. I know God will get us through this in His time and not mine.

I have tendency to be so impatient for things. We are still waiting on Connections Academy to finish the enrollment for Katelyn to be home schooled. It seems to be taking forever. It can take up to 3 weeks to verify all the info but it has seem longer than that for us. Especially since we started all this process a week before Christmas break, so we added another 2 weeks onto that. All they have to do is check the report cards, at least thats what the site is telling me on my enrollment details. I want it to be done now. She is ready for this and she is showing at school as well. The first day back to school from break she got herself kicked off the school bus for the month of January. I also want to get in a routine and settle in with her before the baby is born. As each day goes by it keeps getting closer to the due date of baby. I pray that they approve her this week and start getting the materials, which they say it takes another 3 weeks to get. What a long process but it will be worth it for her. I want her to succeed in life.

God only knows what is going to happen and how it is going to happen, I just have to trust in Him to get me there.


  1. I see what you mean about time. We should really adjust the day to 32 hours to make up for the faster time. As it is right now I get about 3 things done and the day is already over.

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