Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 December 26

The Stupidest Fight I’ve Ever Had

Shower Head

Ever have one of those fights with your spouse that became a joke later?  We have one.  It was a stupid fight, worthy of joking about.

It was Christmas eve, and I was sick.  Hacking and coughing were the norm, that and feeling miserable.  Tracy and I were living in a little duplex off 150th and Powell at the time. 

That morning I went to take a shower.  Now, for those of you who don’t know, I’m known for taking long showers, especially when I’m sick.  Something about the steam with the soothing hot water just melts the sickies away.  On the morning in question, Tracy decided to join me in the shower.  That’s where the trouble began.

Now, Tracy and I have showered together before, and her normal routine was to get in the water, do her thing, and get out.  Nice and quick.  On this morning I yeilded the water to her, knowing she would be done relatively soon.  So, she finished her business and then stood there enjoying the water.

And stood there…..   and stood there……

“Why wasn’t she getting out?!”, I thought to myself.  I was feeling miserable, and I was being deprived of my hot shower.  After a few minutes, I was getting irritable.  I finally asked her if she was gonna get out anytime soon.  Puzzled, she wondered why I didn’t want to spend time with her.  “TIME?  I WANT MY STINKING HOT WATER! “, I thought to myself.  Restraining myself, I told her I wanted the water.  When asked why I said, “Water makes me feel better.”

She stormed out, taking that as a sign that I didn’t want to be around her.  I was glad for a moment that she was gone, but the joy that I should have had from the remainder of my shower was now stolen, knowing that I had an angry wife to deal with once I got out.

I eventually got out, she explained that she just wanted to spend time with me.  I explained that the hot water was soothing my terrible cold symptoms.  We both apologized and got over it.

Now, whenever Christmas comes around, or we’re in the shower together, the joke comes up.  “Water makes me feel better!”  That has become a mantra for our silly fights and gives us a chance to laugh at our own selfishness.  It also reminds us that we were able to work it out and move on, which we have been able to do with all our fights.  And that working out our problems is what has kept us together and will keep us together for the rest of our lives.

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