Posted by: Tracy | 2007 December 26

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve tree

Lets start out with Christmas Eve, it was good. Brett and I was planning on going to our Christmas Eve service at church but Greggory was in pain and was screaming bloody murder for an hour. We tried tylenol and that didn’t work. We called the doctor and got some advice. His belly button was more swollen than it usually is and was very tender to touch. So we decided to take him to the ER. My parents took the girls to the service and light looking, that was nice of them and we are greatful for that. By the time the doctor saw Greggory, he was happy and the belly button went back down. The doctor said his belly button’s hernia was acting up and that he will be okay. Thank you Lord! Got home and got the girls back from parents sent them to bed. Brett and I started to wrap gifts to put under the tree that didn’t take long since we didn’t have much to wrap. We sat and had hot chocolate together while watching Who’s line is it anyways (funny show). Then it was midnight time for sleep.

the kids in front of the tree

Christmas day, it started out to be a good day. We read the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth and then prayed over the day. The kids opened their gifts and we got some from the kids. It was very fun and lots of excitement. Then it was time to start getting ready to go to my parents house for the big family Christmas. I grated the cheese for the pizza’s we were making over there, grated 6 lbs of cheese (luckily I have a special grater that took me half the time than using a regular grater). Everyone got showered and dressed, and loaded the van up and we were off. Of course me being the person when someone tells me a time I am there at the time or a little early so we got there a little bit early. Helped mom clean up some things before everyone else showed up.

I looked out the window and saw it snowing so we took Greggory out in it and let play a little bit, he loved it. It was beautiful, the time it lasted. Everyone showed up and we chatted for a little bit and got all situated. We started to open the presents. The kids got these beautiful quilts that my Grandma made them. The kids loved them. After that we had dessert and chatted for the rest of the time. We went home and got kids to bed.

Greggory wth his quilt The girls with their quilts

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