Posted by: Tracy | 2007 December 18

My doctor’s appointment!

baby at 24 weeks

(Baby at 24 weeks along)

Yesterday had my monthly doctor appointment to check on me and baby. Every appointment Josiah has been a little pill for the doctor. The doctor puts the doppler on my belly to get the heartbeat, he swims away from it or kicks every visit and she is able to count the heartbeat but we haven’t been able to hear it ourselves. We may have heard it a few times but it was for a complete second, we would like to get his heartbeat recorded but we gave up because he won’t let us get it. Silly little boy! He is healthy and has a good heartbeat it usually around 150 bpm when she can find him. She said in a few more weeks he won’t be able to hide much longer. I am 24 weeks pregnant which is about 6 months along, getting closer. My next ultrasound to make sure he is growing is going to be Jan. 2nd, 2008.


  1. My son did that too whenever my midwife would put the Doppler on him to get the heartbeat. Finally, he got too big to run away from it. I laughed at the time, then realized after he was born that it wasn’t a fluke–he really could hear this so-called “ultrasound,” and I don’t think he liked it. For my next baby, I had the midwife use a fetoscope to hear the heartbeat.

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