Posted by: Tracy | 2007 December 17

Welcome to My Monday!

Lets see here where or when should I start. I couldn’t fall asleep last night I was experiencing some major heart burn, so I took Tums. That didn’t work so I decide to lift my head up with an extra pillow, I couldn’t get comfortable after that. I finally fell asleep. Then Greggory woke up at 1:30 am, so I poked Brett to take care of him, got him back to sleep, then we went back to sleep. I didn’t have any problems falling asleep for that time. Then an alarm starting to go off around 3 am Brett reached to turn his alarm off and I am trying to tell him that wasn’t his alarm. So we searched for the object that was going off never found it, I am going to look for it today sometime so we don’t get woken up again. Brett went back to sleep with no problems but me on the other hand couldn’t get comfortable and tossed and turned. Eventually I fell asleep. I sorta heard Brett’s alarm, like always he turns it off and goes back to sleep. Angelique came in probably my guess was around 6:30 am, told her to go back to her room. I have no clue when Brett actually got up to get ready for work. I do remember him giving me a kiss goodbye. Then before I know Tanisha is coming into my room saying somebody is at my door. I looked at the time and it was 8 o’clock. So I got dressed quickly as can be and then looked out the window and it was Sears delivering our new dryer. They were suppose to call two hours before delivery. the guy did call but my cell phone was down stairs (thats the number my dad gave them). They only called twenty minutes before they came. I told the guy I just woke up. He took our laundry door off because it won’t fit into the laundry room, and then he went back to help get the dryer. As I am waiting Angelique comes downstairs and told me she wasn’t feeling good, oh great! I knew she barely ate yesterday so I asked if she was hungry and she said ” I already ate 2 bananas and threw it up all over the stairs.” I went to go survey the mess I started to gag myself, so I left it there until the men got the dryer inside. They brought the dryer in and said that they can’t connect it because we have a different outlet they are not allowed to do that. Oh well guess laundry will have to wait for a few more hours till Brett can get to it. They left, I cleaned up the barf mess, and now Greggory is awake. Thank goodness he was asleep for all this. Now that is 9:00 am its time to really start my day, I have to get ready for Greggory and My doctors appointment. I am going to have to take a nap today.


  1. Good for you–EVERY mom needs a nap now and then to reboot or the whole system shuts down!

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