Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 December 15

Stupid Dryer

Dryer will die

 Our dryer has been broken for two weeks now. 

About a month ago the belt went out.  I replaced the belt (with EXTREME DIFFICULTY, not knowing that the heck I was doing).  All was fine.  For a while.

Then, the belt slipped off.  I was able to fix it again, after some extreme screaming at the dryer and still not knowing what I was doing.

Then, it just stopped working altogether.  Poof! 

Of course, I was BUSY every night of the week when it went out.  So, eventually I was able to tear into it.  I went online, got tips, diagrams, etc.  I worked on it, still not knowing what exactly I’m doing but with at least some information to assist.

The most common problem with dryers when they just quit like that is the thermal sensor.  So, I bought a new one.  Put it in, still didn’t work.  Tested the new sensor, no conductivity.  Dead again. 

Ok, I was tired of trying to muddle my way through this.  Fortunately, my brother in law offered to come over and help me.  I was miffed at this point and too proud to ask for help, so I’m glad he offered.  (Well, actually my father in law offered to help, and drug my brother in law with him.  He played with my daughters while Tim and I worked on the dryer.)

Tim and I worked away, Tim testing all the wiring and tracing everything down.  It all pointed to either the thermal sensor again, or the engine.

Got a new thermal sensor, and the guy at the store this time offered us the repair manual, which suggested a new thermostat as well, as that is the reason the sensors go out (thanks a lot for offering this to me sooner, jerks).

Got the sensor and thermostat in.  Got the dryer put together.  Got everything the way it should be. 

Poof.  No work.  Nada.  Zilch.  Zip.

Anyone want a dead dryer?  Before I find a tall cliff to throw it off of?


  1. Check out Standard TV and appliance on SE 82nd Ave. Don’t go to the new pristine section. Go to the used section where they sell used, refurbished appliances–with a small warranty on them. We have bought ALL of our dryers there. Our last one was a Maytag, the Mercedes of all appliances, and have used it for 8+ years now and it cost less than $200. Plus, the guy that owns Standard is a rock solid Christian, which is why they are closed on Sundays.

    From experience, once the motor goes, it is cheaper to go shopping.

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