Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 December 10

Macaroni and Musings

Lobster Ravioli

 Tracy and I went out last night, courtesy of my friend Chris.  He and his girlfriend took us to Macaroni Grill downtown.

Now, downtown Portland on a Saturday night is a busy place.  Travelling a few blocks can take an eternity when things are really hopping.  We travelled down 3rd Avenue, knowing there was a parking garage nearby the restaraunt.  Well, being in the left lane and thinking that the garage and the restaraunt were in on the left side of the street, I drove right by the garage.  No big deal, I thought.  I’ll just circle back around and get in the right lane this time.

Needless to say, that turn around cost us 15 minutes, making us late.  The parking garage was also pretty full, making us later.   We hoped they weren’t waiting too long for us.

Now, I’ve seen some strange things in Portland, from cross dressers to public use of drugs to mentally insane homeless people who don’t know how to use the restroom properly (don’t ask.)  This night took the cake, though.  As Tracy and I were exiting from the parking garage and heading out onto the sidewalk, Tracy tripped on something.  I looked at her to make sure she was all right.  The gal behind her, after looking down at the object Tracy tripped over, had a horrific expression on her face.  Tracy, having just seen the object herself, began laughing in disgust.  What was so offensive yet so funny?  Well, let’s just say that an item that is normally found at adult novelty stores was laying in the middle of the sidewalk. 

I’d seen it all then. 

Upon entering the restaraunt and meeting up with Chris and Beth, we proceeded to tell them the tale of the phallic symbol that caused Tracy to stumble, and we all had a good laugh over that.

Now, apparently it was winter formal for the local youth, and there were a variety of young kids dressed in clothing that the afforementioned kids weren’t accustomed to.  Basically, they looked like pigs that had been given baths, and they acted like it too.  Not all of them, there were a few that handled themselves with class, but most of them acted like retards.  Especially the boys that decided to wear headbands with their tuxes.  Sheesh.  That’s like putting fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror of your Roles Royce.  Tacky.

Prom Dorks

The rest of the evening was great, the food was excellent and we had a good conversation.  Afterwards we went over to Beth’s for dessert.  Chris and I talked for a bit, and I discovered that he had worked with Mark Driscoll before he became a big name pastor over at Mars Hill.  From his stories, let’s be grateful that since God can use Balaam’s ass, he can use us.

We reminisced about our days at Multnomah, leaving poor Tracy out of the conversation for a while, and we had a good time talking.

Thanks goes out to Chris for the great evening, and to Beth for having us over for dessert.  Let’s do it again.


  1. My meal was better than yours Brett! =)

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