Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 December 3

Abiding In Christ!

In our Sunday School Class we have been studying John 13 -17 but really focusing our attention on abiding in Christ. What does abiding really mean in our lives. Yesterday was a real eye opener of the meaning which they talked about abiding means to remain and to put it further to remain in Him. Now I look into my life, am I abiding in Christ daily? I can honestly say no I am not on a daily basis maybe occasional days but not everyday. I want to change my life to where I can look at the end of the day and say “yes I put God into my day and I lived by His ways.” That is my prayer for myself that I will abide in Christ on a daily basis and stop the foolish things that I don’t need to be doing like watching television or playing games on the computer. Those stuff is okay but if it is running your life or you ignore that voice in your head saying “maybe you should be praying or reading the Bible” then maybe it is a problem and need to stop.

I have also been reading the book called “Bringing Up Boys” by Dr. James Dobson, a very good book for parents with boys. I have learned alot from that book especially the last two chapters about discipline and the way you talk to your kids. The tongue can be very harsh to anyone but especially your children because they will never forget what horrible thing you said and be haunted by it for the rest of your life. For an example: Get out I don’t want you anymore, I wish your weren’t my child etc……. You can never take those sayings back even if you ask forgiveness from your child. I have a hard time with my children especially one in particular, I love her so much and wouldn’t give her to anybody but I have had those days I didn’t want her. Sad but true I have told her I didn’t want her when I was in out of control rage of anger. It hurts me still today that I said that and I don’t know if I will ever forgive myself for saying that. But reading this book has opened my eyes so much to how much I need to change in how I discipline them especially her and they way I talk to them. I know if I know I am about to say something hurtful I need to stop and get out of the situation and take care of it when I get calm again but I need to stay in control in the first place. The only way I am going to be able to do this is through God’s help.

I am also praying about homeschooling my two girls next year if not both maybe just Katelyn not sure yet. The book also talks about homeschooling versus public. He basically said “teachers aren’t parents but parents are good teachers” my struggle is if I will be patient enough for them and be able to carry it out without wounding them. I know it would benefit them to stay home and learn from me, I know it would especially benefit Katelyn since she already hates school as a first grader and she wants to stay home. On the other Angelique loves school and she doing fine so that is why I am thinking maybe just do Katelyn at home. We are looking at cost and still if we can afford to do this.

I am also reading Ephesians, today I read chapters 3 and 4 wow is God really telling me something because it just went with what we have been talking about in class and the book “Bringing Up Boys”. He is giving me a big eye opener and I really know I need to change for the better.

My prayer for me is that I can search my heart and be able to follow through with abiding in Christ and discipling my children in Godly loving way. I have a real problem with the following through part satan knows my weakness and he uses it for his advantage, but I need to fight my battle and have victory over satan and God is there right beside me holding my hand pulling me out of my sinful nature. So please keep me in your prayers.


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