Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 November 30

My Wife Rocks

My wife is the best! Last night we talked a bit about my last post, Wingnuts Ahoy, and we talked about women in the church. Mainly, I listened to her expound on what she believes a woman’s role in the church is.

This morning, unbenounced to me, she read Bob’s blog, and decided to leave her own comment. For posterity sake, since Bob loves deleting dissenting blog comments, here is what she said:



You are misunderstanding my husband Brett. He meant by “There is nothing more liberating for a female than properly understanding the role that women have in the church ……” We both believe that women are not to be silent in the church and there is a place for them but not for leadership roles like elders, pastors, deacons and serving of the communion, those are for male roles only. Jesus served the disciples the bread and wine, He washed the feet of the disciples not a woman, Jesus did. If you really look Jesus choose twelve men to be His disciples, He didn’t choose any females to be in that kind of role. In Ephesians 5:22-33, it talks about marriage is to be like a church where Christ is a head of the church and like wise the male should be the head of a marriage not a woman. Women have roles in the marriage but not the head of it or be in a leadership roles. Women have their own roles in the church like heading up a woman’s ministry, children’s church, nursery stuff.

In Christ,

Is my wife the best or what?


  1. I love you, my husband!

  2. Hi Tracy,

    My name is Beth and I am Chris’s girlfriend and have been following all of these blogs this week! I just had a few thoughts mulling around in my brain about the role of women in leadership.

    I agree with you that the role of elder/overseer is to be filled by a qualified man as stated in 1 Tim 3: 1-7. However, please read 1 Tim 3:8-13 in regards to women being deaconesses. Contained in those verses it states that women can fill that role and it includes qualifications they must have (“are to be worthy of respect, not malicious talkers, but temperate and trustworthy in everything”).

    I was also wondering about your reasoning for why only men can serve communion. Is that a belief for you because in Scripture Jesus was the one to serve at the last supper? Just curious if you had any verse references for that belief.

    Have a great weekend,

  3. Hi, Beth. This is Brett. I’ll let Tracy answer your question, but I thought I’d just say Hi to you.

  4. Hello Beth,

    For the deaconesses yes that is for a woman, we went to a church, before Brett and I were married, that called woman deacons not deaconesses so that is why I added deacons to male only roles.

    Now for the communion is more of my belief I guess, I don’t think their is any scripture containing it. But I look at the last supper Jesus served the disciples the bread and wine and said it is remembrance of Him and He didn’t have a female serve it. It seems more appropriate for male leaders of the church to serve it, since Jesus was the one to serve it to the disciples.

    I hope that answers your questions.


  5. Thanks Tracy & Brett! I am looking forward to meeting you in person.


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