Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 November 26

Candlelighters Christmas Party

Today we went to the annual Candlelighters Christmas party at the Embassy Suites in Beaverton. Candlelighters is an organization that helps kids with cancer, and they’ve helped us in the past when Tanisha went through her Leukemia treatments. And every year they throw a fun Christmas party, complete with the reptile man, jumping gym, music and dancing, Satan Clause- I mean, Santa Claus, and lots of food and fun. (This year the food was a bit on the lacking side, but the kid’s still had fun.)

The first stop was the reptile man. He had snakes, lizards, turtles, and an alligator.

Angelique holding a lizard
banana snake


Then the kids got their faces painted

Tanisha with face paintedKatelyn with face painted


Angelique with face paintedGreggory with face painted

Diana with face painted

(even Grandma got in on the action)There were some famous mascots there….

Beavers and Ducks mascots togetherBucky the beaver

Great Grandpa George was there to check out the action

Great Grandpa George and Greggory

Kate tried her hand at surfing, and did quite well

Katelyn surfing
(She just wouldn’t fall!)

And there was dancing…

Kate and Ang dancing with the beaver and the duckDiana and Bucky the Beaver dancing


And the kids got presents from Santa Clause (whom they know to be NOT REAL!)


The Gorley's with Santa Clause

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Greggory with a gift

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