Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 November 20

My Picture Project

Family picture

Since I can’t do much because of the inner ear infection affecting my balance I decided to start my project with all our family pictures. I started with organizing the pictures already on our computer so they are findable and took out all the duplicate pictures. That took me about 1 day to finish that part. Now I am going to start scanning all the photos we have that aren’t in the computer. That is going to take awhile since we have a lot of photos. I will be photoshopping also while I scan them. Boy, what a job I have ahead of me. Once I get all that done, I plan on starting to make slideshows out of the photos and putting them on disc for viewing. The kids will be also able to have a copy of all their photos growing up and we can have them too. I found so many pictures I haven’t look at in along time, its fun remembering when those events happen and the way the kids have changed through out the years. Someday I will write again and say I have finished the next step to move on to the next step.


Angelique at age 3 years old

Katelyn at age 23 months


Tanisha last bone marrow biopsy
Tanisha age 7 years old


Greggory in santa hat
Greggory at age 3 months

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