Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 November 15

Inner Ear’s and Broken Cameras

Broken Video TapeI videotape things.  I make movies.  Not like entertaining, action, superhero, mega super star type movies, but just little things.  I’ve done weddings, events, and a few fun special effects type things.

Every year I do a promo video for our church’s Awana program.  During the year I get footage to make the videos.  Well, last night after Awana my daughter Angelique was playing with the video camera and dropped it.  Then, after that, my other Daughter Katelyn was trying to be nice by putting it away for me and she dropped it again.  Now, my video camera no longer functions.  Oy vey!

Inner Ear diagramFast forward to this morning.  I walked into my office only to be told I have to call my wife, that it’s urgent.  I checked my voicemail:  3 messages concerning my wife.  I call my wife, and she is dizzy to the point where she cannot stand up and any motion makes her nauseous.  Oy vey!

I rush home, help get the kids ready, drop Greggory off at my wife’s sisters house, and take Tracy to the emergency room.

8 billion hours later, the doctor arrives.  (Ok, I exaggerated a little.)   After a check up, they determine that Tracy’s ear is infected and has moved into the inner ear.  So, after some anti nausea medicine and some stuff to help with the dizziness, Tracy is still dizzy but no longer nauseous.  It’s now approaching time that the girls get out of school, so we called Tracy’s mom to stay with her in the hospital while I get the girls.

Now, Tracy is told to stay in bed and don’t move around unless necessary, and that her condition could last from 3 to 7 days.  Oy vey!

Well, while I know work will survive without me, my Saturday plans are shot.  The plans I made 3 months ago.  The plans I was looking forward to for some time.  Oy Vey!

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